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recombinant proteins

NovoHelix develops a range of recombinant proteins that are manufactured in the USA using chemically-defined components and, therefore, these reagents do not contain manufacturing components such as serum or animal-derived raw materials.  Each of our recombinant proteins is rigorously tested for biological or functional activity, and assayed for endotoxin levels. For example, our CRISPR endonucleases are tested for functional activity by direct microinjection of ribonucleoprotein complexes with a supercoiled donor vector Rosa26-H2b-mCherry into pronuclear stage zygotes and visualized for fluorescence of mCherry, and screened by long-range junction PCRs for knock-in at the safe harbor locus Rosa26. Indeed, the recombinant proteins developed at NovoHelix feed into many of our genome engineering projects both in animal model generation and stem cell ‘disease-in-a-dish’ models.  Please explore our relevant product lines below and contact us through our general inquiry request to address specific end-user application needs.

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