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NovoHelix is comprised of an interdisciplinary team who all share a common goal: unlocking and advancing technologies that accelerate precision genome engineering to generate insight into the complex world of human diseases. Central to our innovation pipeline is our ability to generate custom animal and cellular models that faithfully replicate human conditions in etiopathogenesis and pathobiology. The state-of-art tools we develop are used to tackle biomedical challenges from the basic understanding of gene function to mimicking human traits to improve clinical conditions and therapeutic outcomes. Rapid advancements in genome engineering with programmable nucleases have opened the capability to model in comparative animal species including large animals such as pigs, that may adequately replicate the human condition where traditional rodent models have deficiencies. Our model design team is experienced with multiple DNA-writing and DNA-editing technologies including CRISPR-Cas systems, TALENs, zinc finger nucleases (ZFN), meganucleases, gene targeting by homologous recombination, and phage recombineering.  We have a reputation for advancing biomedical model generation in both rodents and livestock, and these animal models continue to play critical roles in translational research and the advancement of human health.


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