animal models /
mouse models

customized mouse models

transgenics & microinjection

Transgene design, construct generation, transgene purification and, pronuclear microinjection

knockin (KI)

Knockins (KI): site-specific point mutations, protein tag insertions, reporter gene knockins, safer harbor site knockins, whole gene replacement (humanization)

BAC transgenics

Recombineering-modified BACs (bacterial artificial chromosomes) via pronuclear microinjection

site-specific recombination technologies (SSR)

Inducible Cre activity with Cre-ERt2, gene swapping with recombinase-mediated cassette exchange (RMCE), flip-excision (FLEx) switches,COIN modules (conditionals by inversion) or FLIP cassettes (invertible intronic cassettes)

knockouts (KO)

Frameshift stop (indels), exon deletions, single or multi-gene deletions, double knockouts (DKO), deletion of linked genes

gene drive 
systemsactive Genetics

Transmission of an allele at super-Mendelian ratios to offspring is achieved with CRISPR-Cas gene drives by an active genetic circuitry, sometimes called  ‘CopyCat’ circuit cloning

conditional knockout (cKO)

Tissue-specific or inducible knockouts that bypass embryonic lethality from C57BL/6, BALB/c or 129P2/Ola strains

ES cellsgene targeting 

Design of the targeting strategy, construct generation, targeting by homologous recombination in mouse ES cells, blastocyst complementation, chimera generation